Hex to Binary Conversion routine

Does anybody have a Hex to Binary proc already written.  I know I could do it by parsing out the input string and then using a big case statement, but I'm sure there's a better/quicker way.  Also, I don't really have time to write it in the next few days.  I'm running ksh on an aix box.
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I can't rember where I found this but I think it will do what you want (and more).

Msg () {    for i    do echo "$PN: $i" >&2    done}
Fatal () { Msg "$@"; exit 1; }PrintBases () {    # Determine base of the number
    for i    do      case "$i" in          0b*)            ibase=2;;      # binary
          0x*|[a-f]*|[A-F]*)      ibase=16;;      # hexadecimal          0*)                  ibase=8;;      # octal
          [1-9]*)            ibase=10;;      # decimal          *)            Msg "illegal number $i - ignored"
            continue;;      esac
      # Remove prefix, convert hex digits to uppercase (bc needs this)
      number=`echo "$i" | sed -e 's:^0[bBxX]::' | tr '[a-f]' '[A-F]'`
      # Convert number to decimal      dec=`echo "ibase=$ibase; $number" | bc`
      case "$dec" in          [0-9]*)      ;;                  # number ok          *)            continue;;            # error: ignore
      esac      # Print all conversions in one line      echo `bc <<!
          obase=16; "hex="; $dec          obase=10; "dec="; $dec
          obase=8;  "oct="; $dec          obase=2;  "bin="; $dec!    ` | sed -e 's: :      :g'
    done}while [ $# -gt 0 ]do    case "$1" in      --)      shift; break;;      -h)      Usage;;
      -*)      Usage;;      *)      break;;                  # first number    esac    shiftdoneif [ $# -gt 0 ]then
    PrintBases "$@"else                              # read from stdin    while read line    do
      PrintBases $line    donefi

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