Can't center text within a table cell

Take a look at

If you see it as I and most everyone else I know does, the text at the top of the picture is shoved over to the left.  I have tried all the formatting commands I can think of to get this to align center, (view source).

This must be a simple thing, but I cannot get it to do it.  As you can see the non tabled text under the pic is centered just fine.  What gives?  Any ideas?

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RandybConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a little more info ... after thinking bout this I am near certain the cell width is the problem.

I see in your code that the top cell is defined as 274 wide, the bottom cell 320. I imagine that the TABLE was defined as 274 and then you inserted an image 320 wide in the bottom cell, leaving the top cell at 274.

If you look at it , you can almost see that the text would be centered in a smaller cell of 274.
Now there are THREE places to redefine, both cells (top and bottom) and then the TABLE itself.... a little tricky because if you dont grab just the very edge of the table you will be put in the properties box of the ajoining sure you uncheck "define width" (or "fixed width" ?) in all THREE places ... pretty sure this will work for ya .

Again, with the Netscape thing, FP is notorious for hosing formats in Netscape vs IE... sometimes you have to rework your pages to look right in both... if you dont have both browsers you should get them and check your web in both... yeah its a pain but you want to look good for as many people as possible right !

Wish I were home where my FP program is loaded, I have dealt with this issue about a gazillion times but it has been several months since.
Just a note, I viewed it using Netscape 4.5 and it looks fine (centered properly), but using Internet Explorer 4 and 5 it is "mostly" left justified.
(text is centered but off to the left of cell)

There is a cell property that will fix this, just cant remember off hand what it is ... simple fix, if nobody gets back to you soon, is to just nest another cell in the cell and center the nested cell itself.

mmm...upon closer inspection, one problem I see is that your two cells have different widths defined. In a senario like this you dont really need to define the width of the table as it will size to the image. Take that out (for each cell as well as the table itself) and I think you may have a fix.
(that is uncheck "define width" in cell properties)
That would explain why the text is centered but kind of to the left ...also why it works in Netscape as cell widths are flaky between Netscape and FP.
(and if you dont need to define them ...dont !)

If I am home and remember I will test drive this and let you know.

Good Luck.
kencamAuthor Commented:
Right on target.  That fixed it.  Now I just have to go in and fix the existing problems, and change the image frame template so there is no width defined.  

You were exactly right, I created a image frame template page.  I enter a new thumbnail image, and link to a new page based on the template.  Then I insert the full size pic in the page, and the table adjusts.  Taking the definition out for the top cell fixed it right up.

Glad I could help. Thank you !
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