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I was wondering what would be the easiest way to "scrape" information from another running application for use in a VB program.  Everyone does this with terminal-emulation programs, I was just hoping there was an easy way I hadn't thought of yet.

Thanks in advance
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Green_BoyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have not heard of any other way to work with screen scraping other than with terminal emulation programs.

I believe that someone had mentioned that they were currently using EXTRA Personal Communications to build their screen scraping application. Well , this is ok .But, if you don't have the Extra Personal Communications emulator at your company it does you no good. What you really need to do is find out what terminal emulator program your company is currently using. If you have this emulator on your local machine you should be able to look for the active x controls that come with terminal emulator program. Most applications now a days are written in the DCOM design where the dlls and active x controls can be recycled into another application of your own design. If you have this terminal emulator on your local workstation; do a find in windows explorer under your root for *.ocx this will give you a listing of all the active x controls that are residing on the workstation. Once you have located the ones that are inside the terminal emulator folder you can set these (*.ocx)Active X controls up in a visual basic project.  To do this you would create a visual basic application and then go under the project pull down menu and select the components option. This will default you to controls tab of the components window. This tab is used to include or exclude active x controls into your project. The controls tab should already have a list of available active x controls. If you do not see the one or ones that you found in your earlier windows explorer search then select the browse button and find this control manually. After installing the controls into your project you can use a change or keypress event to initiate them when typing text into a cell of a data grid or text box. You can usually use visual basic's object browser to search for the terminal emulators visual basic functions once the proper active x controls are installed. Once you find one of the terminal emulator's vb functions you should be able to click on the question mark under the object browser and get a detailed answer on the syntax.
The setup and coding of these functions is not very difficult.  Screen Scraping offers many advantages and provides many hurdles.

But when done properly it could save you months of coding a batch interface with extensive control data validation.  If you need any more detail just let me know......

Steve Graham

February 2nd 2000
What are you talking about "srape" information from another running application :

does information is contained in a database, so the more logical way is to use a database, the easiest way is an MS access database thah all applications you need will share.

So you will make a client/server application with a central database that several client applications would share.

Is that an answer for you so I will go on my explaination.
RichardAZAuthor Commented:
I understand that getting the information from the database would be the best way.  Trust me, if that was possible, I would do it.  Regardless, I am only connecting to VT320 terminal session to get my information from the remote system.

Screen scraping refers to the practice of pulling information from another window to use in your own.
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This may or may not help, but we use EXTRA Personal Communications...with the program you get an Active X control that allows you to scrape, control the host session to mainframes. Probably not much help to you.

RichardAZAuthor Commented:
Actually, I've heard about Extra.  I've thought about it, but was hoping to save the money by doing it myself.
RichardAZAuthor Commented:
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