Can not see files from FrontPage 98

We have a IIS4 Web Server/FrontPage Ext installed On WinMT 4.0 (SP5), I can see all the directories/Files under wwwroot from IIS4/MMC/Default Web Site, But I can not see some of directories from FronPage 98. "Show Hidden files" also enabled in FrontPage 98.

For Example,
1. The "Security" is the directory can not be seen from FrontPage 98, But I can see it from IIS4/MMC/Default Web Site.
2. I created another Directory which named "Test", copied "Security" nto "Test" ,then Test/Security appear
on FrontPage98 Explorer.

Is there any solution?

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FrontPage does hide certain folders (such as any starting with _vti) by design.  Perhaps a folder names "security" at the root level of your server has a special meaning to FrontPage.  Since it appears when you move it up a level (into the data folders) but it doesn't appear at the root level (if I understand your question right), it might be something like that.

There is also the possibility that FrontPage thought it was not part of the "FrontPage web."  Since it is possible to create subwebs, FrontPage might have rightly or wrongly thought that is shouldn't be included in the root web.  By moving it into a folder in the root web that does appear, and then in the FrontPage Explorer moving the folder back to where you want it might unconfuse it if this is the problem.


1. What happens when you move the security folder back to where it used to be?  Does it disappear again?  If so, that would indicate a special meaning assigned to that folder name by FrontPage when it is placed at the root directory level.

2. Does this happen to folders with other names?  If it does, then it might be the second problem above where FrontPage didn't include it in the current "FrontPage web" for some reason.

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are you sure that these folders are not just virtual directories in iis?  if they are, it may not be possible for front page to list them.
joehuangAuthor Commented:
Thank you for indication.

I look into FrontPage, MoreWebs/ListWebs, I found out all the disappeared folder as SubWeb.

I also did a test that I created a new sub web, the same suiation as my question happened.

It answered the question.

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