Outlook97: Lost Sent Items when reinstalling

In trying to solve a problem in Outlook 97 (No transport provider available), I reinstalled Outlook 97 and now I have lost all of my history (sent items, received items, etc).  Is this stored someplace else that I can retrieve from?

BTW I still have the no transport probem, but I am following some other posts to try to resolve this.

Thanks, Gregg
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Neo_mvpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All of your contacts, email, tasks, .etc are stored in a file with a PST extension.  Each version has a nasty habit of putting this file in a different place, so you might want to use Windows Explorer to locate it.

Once you do, jot down the filename(s) and paths and do the following with Outlook/MAPI closed.

- Start > Settings > Control Panel
- Double click on "Mail" or "Mail and Fax"
- Double click on Personal Folders
- Yuo should see a box that you can put the path/filename in or use the Browse button.
- OK your way out and start Outlook
Gregg011299Author Commented:
Although I was aware of .pst, the answer prodded me to look further for the right file, which I found in another directory.  I was not positive that all of the old messages, etc were in the .pst file, so I appreciate that information.

However, I had to import the file, as the method given to access the file did not work for my situation, as the box for the path/filename was grayed out and there was no Borwse button.
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