danlevans points

Sorry, I forgot to add the 20.
Your answer doesn't fully work and I can't understand why. I changed the name that is duplicating for examle from dog to God to Mountain and I still get a duplicate on that one particular field.
You can have the full points though, your logic looks good and works on every other field.

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I'm unclear what the current problem (dog-god-mountain)is?

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vbWayneAuthor Commented:
if I call the field dog I get duplicates on it
If I call the field God I get duplicates on it.

Only that one particular field and regardless of what I call the field.

Weird stuff....

Is there a small difference between the fields? Maybe an extra space at the end or something. If they are equal it should skip the dup.

vbWayneAuthor Commented:
Got it..Related to unique fields. Acess loads by unique field. I sorted by lastname but because the unique fields were not in a 1,2,3 4, order, the load of the mdb into the list box went 1,3,4,2...thus moving the fields so it went cat dog cat rat and not cat cat dot rat...thus eliminating the possibility of last used being a factor.

I have rebuildt my method of producing a unique key so it will be sequential based on names and it works fine.

I just assumed it would load on the field that was sort value...thank God for debug and msgboxes.

Thanks again,
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