how to get "fun" font for website title

I have a website that I designed using just plain old HTML. No frontpage or dreamweaver or whatever. So all of my fonts are basic or stuff that is found in Word. For my sites title I want to creat a interesting looking font. I have no idea how to do this. Anyone know?
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LeoGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to check out the following sites which contain various fonts you can download:

If you're thinking right now, "This guy is dumb, I asked him how to create a font, now where I can download a font,
Here's how to make your own font:

step 1 : You need to get the proper tools, You need a font creating program like Fontographer( or a similar tool. And a scanner would help a lot, but PSP(Paint Shop Pro) will do.

step 2 : If you have a scanner, It is very easy, Just write out each letter on a blank piece of paper. Make sure their big enough and spread apart. Now if you don't have a scanner, just go into PSP and make each letter a picture.

step 3 : OK, if you scanned the picture, just copy the letter "A" or if you made it a separate picture in PSP copy that.

step 4 : Go into fontographer or whatever you have and double click on the "A" box and paste.

step 5 : Now trace the background, normal is good. It's good to play with it, center it, and get it just how you like it.

step 6 : On lower case and anything that needs to be a different size, use the scale to make it smaller so that their is a difference between upper and lower case.

step 7 : To make it a font you can use, go to generate fonts.. and there you go, your very own font.

Paint Shop Pro can be found at:
I interpreted Scott's question quite differently than LeoG did. Had I been here first I would have answered as follows (probably with a bit more detail than I will give now).

Unlike a word processor, you control the look of some text in HTML by having the text be an image. The fancier fonts you see on many web sites are simply graphics of text you create in one of several programs, like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, or Picture Publisher, or Print Artist, or Image Composer, or...

The process is somewhat as follows. You decide how big an "image" you want. You tell your graphics program to create a new image of that size. You then fill the image with text using the font you think looks right. You can create the text image with lots of effects (like color or texture) in most of these programs. You then save the image as a GIF file, and use the image where you want it in your web page.

As LeoG stated, you can find lots of interesting looking fonts in various places on the web. I would suggest you avoid making your own, unless you really are into that sort of thing.
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