Modem in Linux 6.1

I'm having a HSP PCI Plug & Play Data/Fax Internal modem.  I wish to configure it in Linux 6.1. I donot know the procedure to configure.  In Windows it is configured as HSP Internal Modem in COM4. I want the procedure to configure it in Linux 6.1 Whether any extra services to be added to Linux?  Any other parameters to be set? etc.
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sstvpmAuthor Commented:
Pls answer this question as early as possible.
Not possible.

1. The only PCI modems that are supported are the ones based on "Lucent Venus" Chipsets.

2. HSP = Host Signal Processing = Modem relies on CPU to do all modulation = it is what is known as a winmodem. and for details.

Sorry, but you have no choise but to buy another modem.
sstvpmAuthor Commented:
I gave 'modemtool' and linked the modem to the port which is displayed - "COM4 under DOS". Then if I give 'minicom', then modem is initialized and said as online.
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Yes, as i said. Your modem is NOT supported, and will always give a "busy" "unable to initialize" "already online"
In fact, since i know that is the correct answer, i am resubmitting the answer.

look at:  and you will read

"So-called Winmodems, host-based, HCF-, HSP-, HSF-, controllerless, host-controlled, and soft modems require vendor-supplied software to do the work of proper hardware modems. The sale of these devices for x86-based PCs is becoming increasingly popular among retailers and OEMs because of their lower cost. However, Winmodems are only appropriate for use with Microsoft Windows on a fast Pentium."

and read on

and see:

14.5 Incompatible Modems
The following modems are not compatible with Red Hat Linux 6.1/Intel:


PCI Memory Mapped Modems (these do not act like serial ports)

Your modem is not supported, and there is currently NO way to make it work. Once again, the _only_ PCI modem to work is the ones based on the Lucent Venus Chipset.  

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sstvpmAuthor Commented:
OK Let me check with an external modem.
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