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Using a Linksys modem/NIC pcmcia combo card.  Try to download e-mail attatchment from POP3 or Yahoo account.  The download starts, then quickly grinds to a halt and I start getting frame errors reported by 'ifconfig -a'.  Downloads work fine on LAN.  I've tried using KPPP, RHPPP, and ifup.  Can anyone offer a solution?
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ReinierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Frame errors mean that something was wrong with the pieces of code that indicate the beginning or ending of a PPP packet. They can be caused by several things, like line noise, bad wiring, bad hardware, wrong compression protocol or wrong flow control. So check all of those.

Some people are helped by irqtune. You can use it to give the serial port's interrupts a higher priority than the harddisk's. Get it at and read the documentation, you will then see the link between interrupt priorities and your problem.

It might also be worthwhile to use hdparm to set your IDE harddrive to use dma and interrupt unmasqing.
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