Banging 600C

My 600C makes banging noises and no longer prints properly.  It sounds as if the cartridge carriage is popping against the sides or walls and is going to break loose. Print quality and accuracyt have diminished. This all happened gradually but swiftly.  What happened, and what remedies exist?
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don't know if it is the same noise but I have a 660 which is about the same.
Open the cover andon the left side check for a black plastic slide. If it is all the way over to the left then it is ok if it is to the right it engages the paper tray extractor and will make a banging noise.
good luck
If it is banging to the left side only, it is either a problem with the encoder strip (clear plastic strip running the width of printer threaded through the carriage) or the logic board.  You can try to clean the encoder strip with a dry lint-free cloth.  Be sure not to touch it as oil is bad for it.  If this does nothing (as I suspect) it is a bad logic board.  Check the manufacture date on the back label.  It had a 3 year warranty, but it is likely expired by now.  Worth checking though.  Good luck.
Is the printer head able to get off the the resting place.  Have seen this before were the printer head will make banging noises and will not be able to move up and over while trying to print.  Mostly on HP's.  I have fixed a couple of these by simply removing the printer cartage assembly and reinstalling it.

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99.9% sure that it is the plastic encoder strip which runs through the prinhead.

If you remove the top cover you will see the two hooks that hold the ends of this strip.  Gently release the strip and remove from printer.

VERY gently clean this strip with s soft cloth and some mild cleaner such as spray and wipe.  Reinstall, power up the printer.

You should find that all is well.

jcuzAuthor Commented:
Good idea, but doesn't apply in this case.  Print head moves freely and always goes to its central resting place when top opened.  Most banging noise emanates from right side, and since it bangs only when printing and with lid closed, I can't see what's happening.  Thanks very much.
Not sure if this will help, but if you want to see where the noise is comming from you can take the outside caseing of and there is a pressure switch that you can hold down and then the printer will still think the case is on.  I have forgotten were the switch is sorry.
This sounds like a timing issue have not worked on one of those yet.  Good Luck!
Yes, and timing issues are related directly to the encoder strip and logic board.
I have the same problem on a 694C.  I took the cover completely off and printed a page.  I found what was making the noise in my printer.  The belt that moves the print head assembly "behind and below the clear encoding strip" is slipping on the left end.  There is a roller that creates tension on this belt on the left side.  When I pulled the roller out to create more tension on the belt, the noise completely stopped and the print quiality was perfect. I tried to clean the belt in place with rubbing alcohol, but after re-assembling the printer it made the same noise.  

The drive belt needs to be tightened or replaced, I am not sure which (or how).
jcuzAuthor Commented:
My sincere thanks to all who supplied me with info and insight regarding my banging printer problem.  Most suggestions point in the same general to specific direction, so I think I have it figured out now.  Or at least I know what to do to get it fixed.  I will post a note in the future explaining what finally happened.  Thanks again and best wishes.
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