network card problem


i would like to connect my linux box to several win98 pc..

i m using redhat 6 , and edimax (
network card -Macronix MX987xx Family Fast Ethernet Adapter..

During the linux installation, it successfully  found the networkcard as 'Tulip'

After all, when i login, the card doesn't 'blink' ?

Are the network connected ? Or doesn't support this card ?

Help me out ! Thanx
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What do you mean by " the card doesn't 'blink' "?   Assuming you've set static IPs on the win98 boxes, can you ping those IPs from the command line on the linux box?  Also, are you trying to use this machine as a router, or just as another node in a LAN?
When linux finds a NIC, it doesn't mean it installs it correctly.
First try to ping the win98 boxes (as Serp_mage already suggested). If this works then your NIC is installed correctly. Otherwise check if your IRQ and IO are correct. You can find the correct settings with a program that came with the NIC (probably a DOS prog). The linux settings can be found in /proc/interrupts and /proc/ioports.
Anyway if the NIC doesn't work, please post /proc/interrupts, /proc/ioports and ifconfig.

bsherAuthor Commented:


'the networkcard doesn't blink' , normally we will see the blinking at the card (hardware) when the card is connected to the network, but for my linux box if failed ... get my points ?

ok, now u see
0:      1882365      XT-PIC      timer
1:      293      XT-PIC      keyboard
2:      0      XT-PIC      cascade
4:      8      XT-PIC      serial
8:      2      XT-PIC      rtc
12:      5      XT-PIC      eth0
13:      0      XT-PIC      fpu
14:      47339      XT-PIC      ide0
15:      5      XT-PIC      ide1
NMI:      0


0080-008f:dma page reg


eth0      Link encap:Ehternet ....
      inet addr:      Bcast: Mask:

lo      link encap:Local Loopback
      inet addr: Mask:

help me out
Thanx alot
You REALLY need to check what the real IRQ and IO-settings of your NIC are!! Are the settings IRQ:12 and IO:0xdc00 correct?? Normally, you can find them by booting into DOS (using a DOS-bootdisk) and running 'setup.exe' on the driver-disk.

After you have tried to ping the win9x and vice versa, the information ifconfig eth0 becomes important. Especially the lines of RX (received) and TX (transmited).

BTW: I did some research regarding your NIC (Macronix MX987xx). Apparently it's some sort of a tulip clone. So linux detects your card correctly (but I think it doesn't install it correctly).


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I have the same nic, MX98713 chipset. It loaded the tulip driver, but it wudn't connect to my 100Tx lan. I spent 2 wks on experts-exchange trying to get it to work. No go. What I finally ended up doing was re-installing COL 2.3 with one of my other nic's. There is a tulip.c file available for the card to compile but I cudn't get that to work either. It's at the ndclan or the macronix site. Good luck...
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