Cookie without using something external (ie or something else):

Hi, I've the need to set cookies using perl.
But I've not the possibility to use modules.
ANyone has an idea how to read and write cookies in a script?
(IE to have 2 functions : set_cookie and read_cookie)
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just put

Set-cookie: <name>=<value>; expires=<date/time> content-type: text/html

followed by 2 blank lines into header;
This will set a cookie <name> to <value>

Retrieve cookie from Environment variable HTTP_COOKIE
zuppyAuthor Commented:
can you specify the syntax of:

 expires=<date/time>  (date /time)

and the sintax  of


Thanks :D
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zuppyAuthor Commented:
Thanks , so to who I must give points?:D
It's up to you, but I don't mind if you give them to me.
zuppyAuthor Commented:
Last question:

in the page specifield by ozo there is the passage
expires is an optional attribute. If not specified, the cookie will expire when the user's session ends."

it refers to broswer's session or to OS's sessions?

There is a big difference.
Browser of course.
Browser of course.

BTW syntax for HTTP_COOKIE is
$ENV{HTTP_COOKIE}, just like for any other environment variable.

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