Communicatng with an NT Service from a desktop application

Hello Experts,
I have a little problem. When an NT service is running in the background of NT (not interacting with the desktop) I can send messages to it because the FindWindow function doesn't find the window when called from the desktop. Any ideas how to send such messages or how to use the FindWindow correctly? I'm convinced there must be some way. Thank you, I hope you know more than me.
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May be the best way to communicate with NT service is using pipes. This is fast and easy, and you don't have to switch Window Station to send messages.
Here are some possibilites:

(1) Use named pipes (already suggested by okhoma) - CreatePipe
(2) Use memory mapped files (CreateFileMapping + MapViewOfFile) and events (CreateEvent, SetEvent, WaitForSingleObject)

But you can also keep with the current solution (by using a window and PostMessage/SendMessage). Then the problem is simply how can your main app know that window handle of the service? Easy:

(1) Your service could write it's window handle temporarily to the registry
(2) Use a create memory mapped file (CreateFileMapping + MapViewOfFile) and put the window handle there

If you need more explanation (or some code) about one of the suggestions, please ask.

Regards, Madshi.
P.S: You can also try to use OpenWindowStation, OpenDesktop and EnumDesktopWindows to find that window handle.
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jakubklosAuthor Commented:
I see. I reckon the most professional way would be the pipes. However, I don't have any experience with that. Could you please, show me a piece of such code? Thank you guys.
Here is an example source about how to use pipes:

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jakubklosAuthor Commented:
Cool. That's it :). Thanks Madshi.

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