UK ISPs with FrontPage Extensions


I want to use Frontpage to develop a web page and I'm looking for a UK ISP that offers free web sp, etc and handles frontpage extensions.

Can anyone help?

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NickRackhamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a few to be getting on with : -


BT WebWorld, 0800 685585  
Cloud Nine Communications, 01256 811955  
Cobweb, 01367 850515  
Comtec Computer Training, 0171 3172029  
Connect-2, 0800 4960777  
Kencomp Internet, 01539 721284  
NET Energy, 01803 872551  
Newbury Internet, 01635 569123  
NSL Internet Ltd, 0131 4778215  
U-Net Ltd, 01925 484444  
Upgrade Solutions  http://, 0161 4424813  
VAS-NET, 0800 3890070  
08450 666100

V-Host Internet Solutions Ltd
V-Host Internet Solutions Ltd offers a single, no compromise, web hosting package. We have selected a range of internet tools that provides advanced web hosting and email solutions to serve the needs and requirements of the small business.

Virtual Business Centre, 01244 394200  
Watford Net, 01923 440744  



Tina ClarkeCommented:
Here are two UK Free Isp's with Fp ext's.

Force9  (ISP)
....F9 Premier service costs £9.99 with this you get web space e-mail, and national-rate technical-support you also get 0800 access at the weekends along with fp extensions...However you can get all this for free but you don't get the 0800 free access at the weekends but then at that price and if the amount of time you spend on the net is over 16 hours at the weekend it sounds like it is worth it...check out the Force9 Ng's first...though!

Welshnet (ISP)
Free FP Extensions ISP. With PERL CGI-bin & 25MB Webspace FrontPage is not enabled as standard, but can be added to your account if requested by emailing

Regards Tina Clarke


For FP extensions in the UK, I recommend, with this company you get unlimited web space and emails...

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