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I am creating 3 textboxes so a user can type in a social security number (SSN).  I have set the MaxLength to the 1st textbox to 3 (for the first 3 digits of the SSN).  How can I make the cursor automatically tab to the second box once the MaxLength has been reached? (For example: I want it to perform exactly like entering an Installation key of any product)
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Use the following code on the 1st text box 'Change' event:

If Len(TextBox1.text)=3 then TextBox2.SetFocus

or better, if the max lenth will be changed in the future:

If Len(TextBox1.text)=TextBox1.MaxLenth  then TextBox2.SetFocus

Good luck.

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Quite easy:

Build a new standard VB project,
place 3 textboxen on the form (text1-3) and set each maxlength to 3 and clear the text property.
Then paste this code:

Private Sub Text1_Change()
    If Len(Text1.Text) = Text1.MaxLength Then SendKeys "{TAB}"
End Sub

Private Sub Text2_Change()
    If Len(Text2.Text) = Text1.MaxLength Then SendKeys "{TAB}"
End Sub

Private Sub Text3_Change()
    If Len(Text3.Text) = Text1.MaxLength Then SendKeys "{TAB}"
End Sub

This way you can make it an indepentant TAB, you don't have to know design time which text box is next.

grtx, RoverM
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question on this where do you declare the SendKeys
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