BDE Locking in NT Small Bus. Server

I am running an app in a NT 4 Small business server/Windows 98 SE network.
All data is controled by the BDE (version 5.1), type = PARADOX.
If I place all data on a W98 computer in a shared directory every computer can access all tables at the same time.
BUT when I place the data on the NT server in a common users directory (availeble to each user/computer under the same name, completly shared), only ONE computer can access the database.
The second computer which tries to open a table in the database gets the error that the database is locked by another user (*.net file).


All computers/users have the same priveleges to the shared drive on the server !


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Hi roverm,

A few things to look at.

1) Make sure you have the same version BDE installed on each machine.

2) On the BDE Configuration tab double click Drivers, then double click
Click on PARADOX the defination tab will appear.
Make sure the NET DIR property is set to aim at your database folder
example: c:\Program Files\Crystal\Data the drive letter will
change on the guest machines example E:\Program Files\Crystal\Data.

3) On the BDE Configuration tab double click SYSTEM then INIT.
In the definition tab.
Default Driver should read PARADOX.
Local Share should be set TRUE.
These settings should be the same on each machine, don't forgat to save
the changes.

You will need to reboot the machines for these changes to take affect.


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rovermAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 150
rovermAuthor Commented:
Asw: thanks ! That really was the problem ! I'm so happy with that answer I increased the points to 150 !
Still don't understand why it did work with a shared drive on a W98 machine ?
Do you know why ?

greetinx, RoverM
Hi roverm,

Thanks for the points.

W98 Machine I have no idea (Werd)?.

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