SQL Server for an Oracle programmer

I've been using Oracle stuff for a while and now I have been told (by boss) to do some SQL Server stuff.  

Does anybody out there have some good URLs/books/links etc that will kick start the conversion/learning processes?  Basically I am happy with the concepts of databases etc, and I need information on the practical differences between Oracle and SQL server for your average application programmer, e.g. features available in one but not the other or ways to mimic Oracle features in an SQL Server environment.


P.S. Why doesn't someone write a small book - SQL Server for Oracle Programmers, or maybe a whole series of them!
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SQL Server 7 Book OnLine has a part:'Migrating from Oracle'.

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as bbychkov pointed out, Books OnLine is the one of the best ways to start with.

Note on the joins issue, triggers , identity ( sequences in Oracle ).

Good Luck.
I recently migrated from SQL 6.5 to Oracle. SQL is very simple to learn. Unlike Oracle, SQL does not have much settings and Microsoft has all the front end to manage the database. I prefer you install the SQL on your machine and in the SQL folder you have plenty of help. At the same time SQL Enterprise Manager like Oracle Enterprise Manager has lot of good help. They have a section for 'Beginning SQL 6.5'. Like Sudhi mentioned, there is online help at http://msdn.microsoft.com, http://www.microsoft.com/sql, http://technet.microsoft.com. Hope this helps you out.
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