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I have a Graphical logon screen and its getting annoying, what file can i edit to get rid of the graphical login so it just stays at the <root@localhost> Login:  
and also when i make a new username my linux automatically makes folders for gnome for the new user. How do I not let it do that?  Thanks
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yoranyo2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to run the Xconfigurator again and tell the system not to use graphical login.. Do the following.
Run Xconfigurator and when it asks you if you want the graphical login choose "NO". and that's it. Oh yeah press ctrl+alt+f2 to get out from KDE or Gnome or what ever is running ..

By the way if you are running suse then use saX.
GoofyJoe99Author Commented:
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