second hard drive

I just put a second hard drive in my computer. It's a western digital. I have it as a secondary slave. When I use the w/d software ez it copies the dos files from my master hard drive which is win98, and I don't want that, I just want dos sys files, so I can install novell5, but when I use another type of boot disk such as boot it direct,  I get a message at the "a" prompt that there's a write protection error writing to "a". Is this because I have it as a secondary slave and not a primary slave?
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Have you tried setting it as the master and booting from a disk and then coping the files you want??
I may be wrong but what you are trying to do doesn't sound right somehow. You say it copies DOS files from your master drive, where else would they come from. Dos is an OS and Windows is a OS and you can't have two OS without a boot manager. You have to install DOS to use it and you only have one version on the machine now. You can only have one active partition or boot partition so to get two you have to use a boot manager and then boot into the OS you want to use.
> I get a message at the "a" prompt that there's a write protection error writing to "a".

Does "boot-it-direct" try to "update" itself, i.e., "last boot was from drive C:" or "last boot was from drive D:" ?

If so, then move the write-protect tab on the diskette in 'A:', so that the update will be successful.

> Is this because I have it as a secondary slave and not a primary slave?

No, unless you do *NOT* have a "secondary-master" device.

First, I have to assume your computer recognizes the hard disk you installed.
Having it set up as a slave on the same IDE cable as your original is correct.
If your computer provides a new hard disk drive letter all should be OK.

As for making the new drive bootable you can not just copy DOS system files. you must format the drive for this.  I use the <format> command with the parameter  /s for system disk. This might also be possible within 98 GUI but I am not sure. I do know the Win98 recovery disk  provides the format command at the dos prompt.

The issues with your A drive is write protection related nothing to do with the hard disk.
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