Can't change button font color

Create a form. Add a button. Change the font color to red, change the caption. According the the help file, changing the color in the fonts portion should change the color of the text on the button, and yet it doesn't appear to do so. Anyone have an idea what I'm missing here? Changing to bold face or underline changes the caption appropriately.

This is under delphi 5, build 5.62

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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you cannot do this with TButton, since the windows pushbutton control always paints itself with the button color defined in control panel. But you can use an owner-drawn button and take over painting yourself. In fact there should be dozens of "TColorButton" etc. around already, search the usual Delphi sites.
or you could use a tbitbtn instead  

Delphi Super Page
US mirror site: Torry's Delphi Pages  

Regards Barry
ps tbitbtn is on te additional tab of your delphi components,it is ownerdrawn so can have any color font you wish ..
or tspeedbutton which takes the least memory of all above
oneeyeAuthor Commented:
Well, that explains it anyway... Much obliged
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