networking 8100 to G4

I would like to move files from my 8100 to the G4. I have a crossover cable connecting the 2 macs (the 8100) has an Ethernet Adapter) but can't seem to get anywhere. How do I connect and share files? I tried tcp/ip, file sharing, appleshare etc etc but don't know what network addresses/zones etc etc to use. I have done this in the past with localtalk on the 8100 and a pb180, and assumed it would be just as easy using ethernet but obviously there are some networking issues
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok first make sure you have ALL the ethernet/networking/open transport files installed. If youre missing just ONE important bit its not going to work. Once youve got that follow these steps...

1) Make sure the ethernet cable is good.
2) Open the appletalk or network control panel and set it to ethernet.
3) Make sure appletalk is turned on on both computers. (in the chooser)
4) Make sure something is shared on 1 or both of the computers. If you share an item on one computer you have to connect to it from the other. Its usually best to share your entire hard drive. In the process make sure File Sharing is turned on via the File Sharing control panel.
etishbergAuthor Commented:
I have tried all this and nothing. What about IP addresses and such?But what about
If nothing is working youve got to be missing something vital. One rinky dink little extension thats not there. Have you installed a secondary system folder (rename the old one "Old System Folder") to make sure youve got EVERYTHING on both systems? Either that or you have a bad ethernet cable.
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