CPU: Cyrix 300
video: expert 98 8Meg
Ram: 64 PC100

I installed a creative labs cdr 6-4-24 and have had problems since!

The cdr originally wouldn't work and C.labs support told me to load on a bios update "Via 4 in 1". Well this helped some as now my cdr works (although marginally, I can't use 6X without my cdr erroring, and at other speeds it errors about half the time I copy something, anyway this is not my main problem). my computer has not been the same since the cdr and driver update.

It constantly crashes (usually when I exit an application or game). The error it leaves is " A fatal exception 0E has occured at 0028:C007F1C9 in VXD VIAGART(01) +00000829." This is the usual message but others have popped up. They are all VXD errors though.

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There are two things I would suggest. One is uninstall the Via update that you made. The VIAGART is the miniport driver. Let Windows run it for now. Then

1)Restart the computer and hold the CTRL key while it is booting.
2)Choose Command Prompt only.
3)At the DOS prompt type these lines and press ENTER after each one
5)CD Windows
6)CD Command
7)Scanreg /fix
8)Let Scanreg review your registry and make any necessary repairs.
9)When it is finished restart into Windows.

When it is fully booted back up

1)Put your Win98 CD into the drive.
2)Click Start, Run and type in SFC and click OK
3)Click on the settings button and select "Check for changed and deleted files" and click OK
4)Replace any files that it finds that are bad or corrupt.
5)When SFC is finished restart the machine. Then reinstall the VIA upgrade
Let us know what that does for it

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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
davidoh, you may check with your motherboard maker if they have any update patch/driver for the IDE controller.

Update the IDE driver.

Next, go to the safe mode and remove the cdr device( cdrom part and also the harddisk part) and also the Bus master IDE controller.

Restart the computer again. These devices will be reinstalled.

See if any help.    pslh
davidohAuthor Commented:
First off thanks for answering my question in such a clear/point by point way, I greatly appreciate that.

I am trying what you said but am stopped at the first thing. How do I uninstall the via update?

I went to install/uninstall but the via tools are not listed to uninstall. There is a progam icon left called viatools but when I open that I do not get an uninstall either.
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You should find the uninstall by repeating the steps to install it. When you go to add/remove and click the add/remove as if you were installing it you should get the option to install or uninstall from the install program.
davidohAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mrbreeze,

I uninstalled via 4 in 1, did the fix thing (I did everything but reload the 4 in 1 drivers back on).

My VXD problem seems to be gone, and even without the 4 in 1 my cdr seems to be running. So I am not going to reload these drivers back on.

thanx again
Glad to help David. Sometimes the updates aren't really necessary they are just different. Win98 has most of what the update would do built in so maybe this one of thoses cases...LOL...
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