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I just received a copy of VB from a friend. She said it would help to make better web pages. The problem is that I am new to computers and everything that goes with them. So, pretty much, all that I have found on VB is Greek to me. Do you know where I can find info on VB that would be easy for a novice to understand? I am very intelligent and quite a fast learner, I just don't know the computer lingo. Any help would be appreciated.
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If you are using VB6 then open MSDN (the HTML Help file that comes with VB6).  The 3rd topis is Visual Basic Documentation.  Open it and select "Visual Basic Start Page".  

You can also search for "Hello, Visual Basic" which is a sample application tutorial.  If you don't have MSDN you will need it as a resource.  So, get it.  It's the best source to learn from.
Figure the mechanics first. There are lots of "mechanics" books. Using VB, VB Secrets etc. Then read "Doing Objects in Visual Basic 6", Debora Kurata. Visual Basic 6 Business Objects is good book by Rockford Lohtka. He has another call Distributed Business objects. You might read a Database book as well if you don't understand databases.
Hi lasko,

Wanna to learn VB learn VB in 21 days .  Since u are fast enough, it require atmost a week for u learn.

Then use msdn for better refinement of ur VB knowledege. Then all other advance books on VB.

Being a first user start learning using easier book like vb in 21 days.

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lasko012900Author Commented:
I am snowed in and would like to find something about this on the web. Do you know of a good site with a tutorial or something?
lasko is where I got started they walk you through many sample projects excellent for beginers dont give up if at first your overwelmed just keep reading anyway doesnt have to make since at first but after you look at some samples it all falls into place
visit to

This is for the novice VB programmer.
lasko012900Author Commented:
RE:sdland1 that site doesn't work.

Try It has a lot of VB tutorials for a novice.
lasko012900Author Commented:
I am totally lost. These sites don't explain the language to me.

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the first one is probably the best for begginers.

Thanks :)
lasko, firstly, welcome to the Experts Exchange.

When I started to learn VB, I relied on many books to help me out. Also, I surfed the web to find a user group in my area and started going to their monthly meetings. I also found this web page (Experts Exchange) and now rely heavily on the experts knowledge and expertise. On average you can usually get a good answer within 6 to 10 hours.

As for recommendations and not knowing where you live (you ref. SNOW!), I would start by logging onto MSDN.Microsoft.Com, go to the events page and see if there are any tech net meetings in your area. Attend and learn. from them. This is a great source for meeting techies as well as learning new and exciting things about MS Office products, MS Visual Studio products including VB.

I would suggest that you start a small library, start with:

Paul Sheriff, Visual Basic 6.
Ken Ketz, VBA Developers Handbook.
O'Reilly, VB & VBA in a nutshell

After you get a little familiar with using VB, move on to these books:

MS Press, Hitchhikers Guide to VB & SQL Server
MS Press, VB 6.0 Programmers Guide
Roger Sessions, COM & DCOM
Maolney, Distributed COM
Osborne Press, Crystal Reports 7

The list goes on and on as you can imagine. Paul Sheriff and Ken Getz are pretty good teachers and you will understand what they are trying to say.

As for learning the web stuff, I would strongly suggest that you try to learn a little about VB first before you start WEB based apps. You will be totally overwhelmed if you start in the middle without first looking in the beginning.

Once again, welcome to Experts Exchange.
lasko, the sample Hello Visual basic application that I suggested above in MSDN explains the language.  Sure these other books are great.  But, why not go to the source: the istruction manual that comes with VB - MSDN Visual Studio Library.  When all else fails, read the instructions.
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