explorer invalid page error

I have been getting an error message in Windows explorer. It only occurs when i right click, or go to the file menu when a file or folder in the righthand pane is selected of the screen.
I can access the file menu, or right click on files from the left hand pane.  similarly i can access all the other drop down menus when files from the  right pane are selected.
The error message is
    'explorer caused and invalid page fault in module SHELL32.DLL at

    it then closes WIndows explorer, but this tends to empty the icons out of my systray (although other programs are not affected in their function)

This error has only recently started to occur, I have recovered the original SHELL32.DLL from the CAB file on my install CD to no avail.
I have combed the microsoft and ZDnet database only to find errors which relate to Novell which i am not running.

any suggestions gratefully recevied

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The problem is not in SHELL32.DLL.
If you not familiar with windows registry you need reinstal your Win98.

But even you are regestry expert - for my opinion is muth better to reinstall Win98

laniAuthor Commented:
This does not tell me how to fix the problem. if I wanted to reinstall windows, I would have already done it before
I get a similar problem when system resources are low.  You might be running out of resources.  Does this happen when you have a lot of things running or after the computer has been on for a long time?  Or does it happen anytime even when you first start the computer with nothing else running?  Also, Internet Explorer has a memory leak.  After prolonged use, you will slowly run out of resources as you use Internet Explorer, especially when you open and close it a lot.  I've seen resource shortages cause some very interesting things to happen including GPFs, Page Faults, strange video bahavior, etc.

Go to start | programs | accessories | system tools | resource meter and let that run on your taskbar.  You'll be able to track the "big 3" resources on your system (there are others).  This will tell you if you have a resource problem or not.

Also, even if you have a ton of memory, it is still possible to have a resource problem.  Especially if you have several apps open that leak memory like Internet Explorer.
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Try this,

1)Restart the computer and hold the CTRL key while it is booting.
2)Choose Command Prompt only.
3)At the DOS prompt type these lines and press ENTER after each one
5)CD Windows
6)CD Command
7)Scanreg /fix
8)Let Scanreg review your registry and make any necessary repairs.
9)When it is finished restart into Windows.

When it is fully booted back up

1)Put your Win98 CD into the drive.
2)Click Start, Run and type in SFC and click OK
3)Click on the settings button and select "Check for changed and deleted files" and click OK
4)Replace any files that it finds that are bad or corrupt.
5)When SFC is finished restart the machine

Does that help anything
I didn't see any mention of a Compaq so that was a good guess Danelroisman but locking the question with a guess isn't exactly the protocol here. read this from the help desk

If you think the suggestion you are providing will solve the problem, then post it as an answer.  Be careful that the suggestion that you are providing is not one already posted as a comment.  If you want to agree with something someone else has suggested, make sure to post it as a comment.  If you are suggesting an idea you think might work but aren't sure, please post it as a comment.  If you are asking for additional information or clarification of the question, it should be posted as a comment
laniAuthor Commented:
I'll give it a try, I'm not running IE (except to access this page, and generally use Netscape) I'm not on a compaq.  my resource monitor has it's own short cut and I can't see any correlation between the resources used and the error which happens any time i right click on a folder in the right pane - regardless of how many applications I'm running.
i'll try the fix and see how it goes
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