I'm working on a pc with Exceed.
I'm trying to run a window manager on Solaris2.7 and I receive this error:
"Workspace Manager: Another window manager is running on screen 0".
What's the problem?

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s_franklinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By default, your Exceed session is already using Microsoft as the window manager for your Exceed X session. You have to set up options in your Exceed configuration if you want to default to another WM. Typically, you use the default (MS), exceed's (hm? hwm?), or a 3rd party window manager (i.e. fvwm).

This isn't really an Exceed problem - a window manager has already taken your sesesion. If you were already running fvwm and then tried to start mwm from the command-line, you would get a similar error.

Depending on your platform/version, the way to configure your default window manager is a little bit different but should be very easy to identify from the reference manuals.

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