Creating a file that does not exist........

OK, here's a humdinger of a question.

I'm creating hashtables that are inputted into files of type .ser. Before putting a new entry into the hastable I read from a file that should contain the hashtable. However, if the file does not exist I want to be able to create the file to a specified name and then insert the hashtable entry. As of present it works if the file exists, otherwise it just bombs out and says FileNotFoundException. So, I reiterate, how can I create a file in my code?

Thank you
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You can create a File object to represent your file and then you can check whether it exists using the exists() method.

Then create it if neccessary using the createNewFile method.


public boolean createNewFile()
                      throws IOException

Automically creates a new, empty file named by this abstract pathname if and only if a file with this name does not yet exist. The check for the existence of the file and the creation of the file if it does not exist are a single operation that is atomic with respect to all other filesystem activities that might affect the file.


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In other words:

File f = new File("...myfile.txt");
if (!f.exists) f.createNewFile();

This will then create myfile.txt if it is not there.
JavaJedi012400Author Commented:
Thank you. A good answer that didn't fully answer my question but pointed me in the right direction. Thanks again.
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