Grid with objects in which can move?

I'm trying to produce a game for Star Trek where the starship can move in the grid between spaces using Back, Forward, Left and Right buttons, but how can I produce the grid and the code?
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vbyuvalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you write here an @mail I will send you a project which show you what you can do without Grid .

                        Yuval Amir
I dont know if this will help but look at this sample search the complete apps section for this is a sample game i think its exactly what your trying to do could be wrong though if not i need the points
Don't go to sdland1's link
He posts this everywhere and never answer questions ,look at his profile .
tomlacheckiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the offer. E-mail please.

But however - what's wrong with sdland1?

I went to the link, and it was pretty good. He's answered far more questions than he's asked, and he's got two thousand odd points.

I can't see the problem. And I've seen his comments before and he doesn't post this everywhere.

This is a VB forum, so I'll stop about this now and start talking about Visual Basic.

Thanks sdland1 for your help, it was sort of the right idea, I could use it for my game.

vbyuval please send the project to
tomlacheckiAuthor Commented:
Oh and sorry sdland1 I don't know how to increase your points.
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