usb win95 installed now won't boot to win95

I was working on installing the usb support for a win95 machine with a cyrix 6x86mx,and a via apollo chip set.The usb
was enabled in cmos,so was the usb keyboard enabled i found out later from the owner.We do have the os2 950b ver. So we took the usb file from th win95 disc and ran it. nothing worked, uninstalled it a couple of times and reinstalled. With the scanner on or off it didn't matter still didn't work. Then we went on the web and found via usb support file and thought that would work,cause that was his chip set at this point he did not uninstall any thing.Wrong! after it was installed and rebooted we got the error meesage "windows protection error you need to restart your computer".
  The computer will go in to safe mode.
The other thing I was wondering is at this point dont I stll have my backup system.dat file seen we have not booted in to a regular windows yet?
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Your backup system.dat is named system.da0, you could try restoring that and see what you get. The VIA usb controller is known to be buggy and win95 itself has flaky usb support at best. I would try removing all usb related stuff from device manager and add/remove programs (from safe mode). If that doesn't help you could look at the Microsoft Knowledge Base for articles relating to protection errors

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If you want to try restoring the registry here is how. Note that any programs or devices you installed after the restore copy will not be functional and you will have to reload them.

Restore the Registry by using DOS.
System.dat and User.dat are your current registry files, while System.da0 and User.da0 are saved copies of the last time your system started properly. To change, go to the DOS prompt. Change to the /Windows directory and turn off the attributes on all four files.

attrib -s -h -r System.dat
attrib -s -h -r System.da0
attrib -s -h -r User.dat
attrib -s -h -r User.da0

Then copy the .da0 files over the .dat files.

At the same prompt, type:

copy System.da0 System.dat
copy User.da0 User.dat

Then restore the attributes by typing:

attrib +s +h +r System.dat
attrib +s +h +r System.da0
attrib +s +h +r User.dat
attrib +s +h +r User.da0

That will restore your registry.
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Forget trying to get USB to work on Windows 95 OSR 2.1 or 2.5, move him to Windows 98. It will save you many headaches.
Was going to give him a chance to see what the restore would do before suggesting the upgrade. 99% of all Win95 problems are solved by upgrading to Win98. The more trouble you encounter with Win95 the more you appreciate Win98...LOL...
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