Installing a modem - no ports.

I'm trying to install a modem on my nt 4.0 server.  It acts normal until it reaches one point where it ask if I want to install it to "a selected port" or "all ports".  Trouble is there are no ports listed.  I've used the 'ports' utility in control panel to install com2, and com3, mouse in on com 1 and doesn't seem to need anything further...

Anyhow..the installation stops at that point no matter what I choose because there are no ports to select from.  C

Can someone explain everything that needs done for the computer to recognize the serial ports it can choose from?  thanks!
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
What kind of modem is it?  If it's a winmodem, you'll need drivers for it.
bhettlerAuthor Commented:
it's a supra express and I have drivers for question is concerning there being no ports to select from.
Assuming it is an internal modem.. It is just like adding a serial port..
Configure your modem for the port you are adding; from the jumpers on the card. Also select a free IRQ and make the appropriate jumper settings. Then from the ports in CP add the specific port.. Install your modem software!

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bhettlerAuthor Commented:
The modem does have jumpers but one of the choices of the jumpers is to have them set as I had them...and that was to make it pnp.  But I will try to do as you said and set the jumpers to a specific irq and com port to see if that changes things...then I will go to the cp to add that port.  But you mentioned making sure there was no irq conflict.  I'm new at nt and even though it's easy to find irq assignments with win9x...I'm not sure how to do it with nt...the system icon doesn't show the  same things.  Can you give me a clue.  After I try this I will come back and give you credit for the answer.   Thanks alot!
bhettlerAuthor Commented:
Well as soon as I changed the jumper settings from pnp to a specific com port...then com2 appeared in the options box during the installation process.  It was funny because I had made the modem com4 on irq 5...but the com2 port still appeared as the only option.  I then changed the jumper settings to com2, irq3 and the modem is installed.  I set up the ports in control panel for com3 and com4 as well using default settings but those ports didn't appear as optional ports during modem installation.  I wonder if nt doesn't support them like win9x.  Anyhow..thanks!  
i am having the same ports come up when i goto install my modem, the only difference is that i have an external ideas?
oh...and i forgot to mention, i have windows xp, and its a external zoom  faxmodem  56k dualmode model 2949L
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