Installing win98se after installing win2k professional

Is there a way of installing Windows 98 SE AFTER installing Win2k professional? My Win2k partition is NTFS and I have a 3g FAT32 partition ready for installing Win98se but don't know how to install win98se and keep win2k..
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vampyrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way that I know of, is to use a partition manager program, such as partition magic which costs money, or to use Ranish Partition Manager, a freeware program available at You need to set up a boot menu, where you can choose which partition to boot. If you select the fat32 partition to be the 'active' partition, it will not recognize the presence of another operating system, allowing you to install Win98. Once the install (and associated reboots) is finished, you will then have the choice each time you boot to select which partition you will boot as active. That way, you can boot either Win2000 or Win98.
adslAuthor Commented:
Is there any other method?
All you have to do is run the install and after that hit use the boot repair option of windows 2000 it will add both Windows 2000 and 98SE to the Boot.ini.
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