HP 4ML Printer Problem - Time Outs

I was asked by a friend of a friend to look at their computer... the person had spent 600$+ on tech support from companies who were unable to fix the problems.  I was able to fix the first 2 but the 3rd stumped me.  Here it is:
She has 2 printers and one zip drive.  To run these all at the same time she installed another parallel port.  A HP 4ML is running on one port and a Lexmark w/ external zip is running on the other.  The lexmark and the zip work correctly but the HP will not print when sent jobs it just times out.  I have tried swapping out all the cables and the lexmark works when used on the port the HP is connected to and the HP works on a different computer.  
To get this to work before they had to have a tech come and "trick the printer into thinking it was something else" and she said he did it in the device manager section.  The only thing i can figure the tech had them change was the IRQ. Any ideas?

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My guess would be printer port modes - what type of port is the HP connected to- SPP, ECP or EPP?

If you remove the port from Device Manager does it redetect and then find the printer on it's own??

Hope this helps

The lexmark installs comments in the win.ini and the system.ini for its status monitor no other printer will work on the port a lexmark is attached to the comment about it being tricked makes sense if you are tricking the pc into thinking a lexmark is on lpt1 then the communication would probably go through considering you can connect the lexmark to both ports and it works tells me that you have installed the lexmark software on both ports what you will have to do is uninstall the lexmark completely off the system then go to start find files or folders and do a search on just lex make check what the pc finds if it is related to the lexmark printer delete if you are uncertain leave it alone but write it down someplace so if you continue to have problem you can post up the files you left behind,.,,, next go to start run and type sysedit   and then look for the c:\windows\win.ini file click on the blue bar at the top of the window to bring to the front go up to the top to search  and then find and type in lex comment out for example below comment out everything in a section so type REM in front of the bracket as shown below for lexmark and whatever else is underneath it until you get to the next bracket the next bracket being windows (this is just as an example).

REM [lexmark status monitor]
REM lex=lex on lpt1


look specifically for the status monitor that is what you need to get rid of.... then go into the c:\windows\system file and look for a file under the boot section that says run=lexmark or something like that if you find it comment out that line...

next go to the [386enh] section and look for a line that says device=lex.386 or lxd.386 comment that line out too then save your changes and reboot then uninstall and reinstall the hp to lpt1 then install the lexmark back to lpt1  I am assuming the zip is on lpt2 if it is on lpt1 then put the hp on lpt2 and the lex and the zip on lpt1

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what is the status stv0r ?
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