Microphone installation

Please advise how to install a microphone on Win98. The microphone has no drivers and has no brand or model names on it. It is just a small, standard stick-on-your-monitor microphone. I have tried getting Win98 to autodetect it without luck. Note that I have onboard sound - no separate soundcard as such.
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The microphone would have to be plugged into the sound card. If you have no sound card look to see if you have input plugs on the back of the machine. Since the sound is integrated, there will either be an input jack built to the board or if not the microphone won't work. The microphone will not be detected by Windows, it's not a PnP device but it probably has a battery.
All you need to do is plug it in the mic jack in the back of your computer, then you need to go to volume control (the little speaker in the system tray), double click on it, click on options, properites, make sure it is checked on playback, make sure mic is checked in the box below it, click on recording, make sure mic is checked, click ok, make sure mic is selected, go back to properites, click on playback again, click ok, make sure it is not muted, try going to sound recorder (programs, acc., multimedia, sound recorder.) click the record button and talk.

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cvanhiltenAuthor Commented:
Thanks compmania for a very detailed answer - it works fine. Thanks also to mrbreeze. Sorry for the delay in reply.

See you later.
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