Sort Win98 Start Menu

Anyone knows a trick or program that can sort the start menu? If it is a program, please provide link to download.

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The easiest way is to bring the start menu up, place the mouse in the common area and right click the mouse.  You can than take the option to sort by name.  Other experts will fill in the blank on other options so stand by.  You will get all the help you need.

Good luck
If you need to physically move shortcuts or create folders the easiest thing to do is open Windows Explorer and then go to

C:\Windows\Start Menu

You will see your Start Menu tree perfectly replicated as folders and shortcuts.  A handy trick is to move all of your folders directly under the Start Menu folder.  This saves you the added step of selecting Programs from the Start menu.

Oh, and if you want to have the Start Menu automatically sorted in ABC order, then use Registry Editor to delete the binary value "Order" from the following key and it's sub keys:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu\Menu

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If you have IE5 installed then the easiest way is the way hewittg suggested, as in go to Start, Programs, then right click somewhere on the menu and select the "sort by name" option.
Notice you will need to do this after you install any new program that puts a listing in the program menu.

Also you can left click on the entry you want to move and while holding the mouse button down move it to where you want the entry to be. This works with IE4 or IE5
All of the above is true, but deleting the registry entry will cause the Start Menu to automatically sort alphabetically without you having to do it manually every time.  In addition, it's a lot easier to move things around and rename them from the explorer view.

kitweiAuthor Commented:
Guys, I tried deleting the thing in the registry, and then reboot, but it doesn't work, it's still unordered. I don't have IE5, and don't think I'll want it (heard bad things about it), so the sort by name won't work for me. I remember there was a program mentioned by, it can do the job, but I forgot the name already.
The problem with your comment is that Yes deleting the key in the registry will reorder the entries in the program menu, but everytime you add a new program you have to do the same thing again. Now doing the registry method requires you to open REGEDIT and find the Key, and delete it, then restart the computer to finnish. this will take at least several minutes to complete. IF you use the rightclick and choose "sort by name" then this take a few seconds and doesn't require a restart of the computer. SEE MY POINT!

As for reordering them in the "explorer view" this will still only reorder them in Windoze Explorer, the program menu will still be in the same order.

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kitweiAuthor Commented:
Qsort 98 does the job, but not menuorder nor alphamenu. Thanks.

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