Invalid Date format Error

I'm trying to execute the query
select to_date(to_char(completed_date,'YYYYMMDD')
       || completed_time,'YYYYMMDDHH24:MI') from change_order

and I'm getting the error :

Ora 1840 Input value not long enough for date format.

I'm executing in a database in which full database import was done from another database.Now,this query was working in the original database.
Is there any parameter setting that I should give for this query to work?.


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According to the date format you have used, you are getting the date from "completed_date" in "YYYYMMDD" format and "completed_time" in "HH24:MI" format right ?

if yes , then make sure of that? probably your "completed_time" might also be containing the date in it.

post the values of completed_date and completed_time ?

Sorry now checked your statement.
Try this.

select to_date( to_char(completed_date,'YYYYMMDD')||to_char(completed_time,'HH24:MI'), 'YYYYMMDDHH24MI') from change_order;

to_char function for completed_time was missing .

I agree with sudhi. Please post the some of the records in that  table.
The following query gives you all bad rows.

select completed_date, completed_time from change_order where completed_date is null or completed_timeis null or length( completed_time) != 8

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lvenkatAuthor Commented:
Hi Hauke,

 Thanks for your suggestion. Your query helped to fetch bad records. I eliminiated the bad records and now my query works.

 Thanks for others who suggested.

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