mfc in borland

I'm using borland  c++ 5.02, it seam to have all the mfc classes in /include/mfc catalog. I tryed to include afxwin.h but ended up with lots of errors. Can somebody help me get started? Most errors was can not include this, can not include that. When trying to include afxwin.h I had to write <mfc/afxwin.h> but then it could not find the afx.h included in afxwin.h!
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AlexVirochovskyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You must set in TargetExpert Window  
MFC flag. For this in View!Project set
mouse to exe, right button, from Popup
Menu chouse TargetExpert and in Frameworks set MFC. Now you can work with MFC 4.x/Mfc 3.2(i prefere 4.x).
I hope, it helps. Alex
Check your project settings, look for inlcude directories. Add the mfc directory. I suspect the manuals will explain this also.
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