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Secure Win98 Login

A friend of mine recently bought a new computer, and his situation requires some security on his PC... His old PC he had the BIOS power-on password, but his new PC does not have this function....  And, as we all know, the Windows login screen, anyone can get past it.......

Is it possible to require a valid password on the Windows login screen?  Or, is there an addon program that would do the same thing?  Please help....
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new PC doesn't have BIOS password function?? have you tried setting up the BIOS password, reboot and see if it asks for it??

If it's a desktop...you need to set up a start type on the computer...I can't remember what the name was....but there would be two options "Setup" and "System".

Try to change this settings ..first to Setup and then to System...I think "system" setting will ask you for a password (IF the password is already set)
First, I haven't heard of a BIOS that doesn't have password security for years - look carefully and/or contact the Bios Mfg.

Second, you didn't mention if the system was on a network.  You can force authentication from the network.  Run the System Policy Editor, and using the COMMON.ADM policy template, open Network-->Logon on the current registry, and check "Require validation by Network for Windows Access".

Third, the only option if the system is not on a network is to require alphanumeric Windows password, but I don't think this will help.

Otherwise, look for 3rd party products.  Check:

Good luck.

Jerryd, as a systems analyst on a LAN you should be aware that you can lock Windows 98 down to a certain extent. You should also know better than to lock a question as you have when other techs are quite capable of providing an answer that will assist the questioner.

Kane, kindly reject the proposed answer so that the question can be reopened for additional comments from other techs on site.
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If you want any level of real security, your best bet is to install an inherently secure OS such as WinNT Workstation.

Windows 98 can not be made secure, even if it is on a network, because anyone with a little knowledge can easily bypass any such attempts at "security".

Kane, aside from the Bios password, give this a try.

Note: The system must have the Client for Microsoft Networks installed:

Open Regedit.

Scroll down to:


Add a new key, choose Binary Value and name it "mustbevalidated"

Once the key is created, right click on it, choose Modify and add the value of one (1), then click okay.

Kane070698Author Commented:
Installing a dual-boot win98/NT4 I thought of.... and all confidential stuff would be stored on a separate NTFS partition, inaccessible by win98....

To settle things:  I went over every menu in the computer's CMOS setup, and found no mention of passwords, security, or anything like that....
It's an HP Pavillion with a Phoenix something BIOS (no idea what version offhand)

I'll have to get back to 'all on this stuff, since it's not my computer I gotta see what they would prefer....


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