"No Dial Tone "

AT6800W-Europe is the internal modem I have and is also a sound card.
  The problem I have is that with the cable from the wall jack being tested and good I loose the dial tone as soon as I connect the cable int my modem card and also my sound card being one in the same is not working either(although I can faintly hear volume out of the external speakers. I have connected up a tempory extgernal modem that works fine for what it is but I want to know how to test my internal modem and also why can't my telephony service (comcentral-packard bell) find the external modem I'm using
 By the way I formatted my hard drive and reloaded all the factory setting via the factory disc which inludes all the    AT6800W-Europe drivers and setup  *.inf  Thanks swog

   The blown relay answer sounds good to me ,one other thing is it repairable?
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biard1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If your pass through on the internal modem is not working (even when the machine is off) you have a blown relay on the board.  This modem is bad.  The external modem will probably not work with the proprietary software for your comm center on the packard bell.  There may be a configuration utility in the program file folder for that application, but it is not likely to work with any but the original modem.  Compaq is the same way.  Oh, if the new external modem came with any software, I'd just install that and use it instead.  Much of the problem with the proprietary software and a new modem is the functionality difference when compared with the original modem.  The old one was likely a voice modem.  The new one, likely is not.  Therefore, much of the functionality of the software would not work anyway.
Check your modem drivers (or reinstall the drivers) so that Win will recognise the Modem..

once the drivers are installed..go to "Modem" in control panel, select your modem and choose "Diagnostics" tab. Select your modem again, and choose "More Info". if your modem is working properly, it should return some values...otherwise...it will display some error messages....

swogAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
swogAuthor Commented:
biard1 is it able to be fixed?
The modem relay?  It is a box shaped component on the modem board.  There are usually 2 of them for full deplex modems.  It can be repaired if you have access to the replacement components for the board?  Do much soldering/desoldering?  If not (and even if so) if would be better just to stick with the new modem.  As far as getting the comm center software to work on a different modem, I know it has to have the same exact capabilities, and it needs to be internal.  I wouldn't mess with it though.  Good Luck.
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