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I'm working with Delphi 3.0 C/S and Win98 SE. I've problems when calling my hlp-file from a delphi-program. The hlp is 70 kb. Now a bit code from the delphi-help:

procedure TForm1.Button5Click(Sender: TObject);
  Application.HelpFile := 'VCL3.HLP';


At VCL3.HLP i type in my helpfile. At TApplication_HelpJump i type in the #-footnote from my rtf-file. The first test from within the ide was okay so i put this call in all five forms. Now when activating the help with F1, a button- or a menu-click i always get the message "stack overflow"! Why this? Is there anybody who can explain this to me?
Thanks a lot for your help!!!
Bye Ingo
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SchmoekelAuthor Commented:
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In 99% of the cases, a Stack overflow is caused by a routine calling itself, shuch as:

procedure A;

Things may be more complex: A calls B than calls C that calls A.

In Delphi it may also happen if an event triggers another that triggers itself. It can happens without you noticing. OnFormActivate and OnFormDeactivate are good candidates to check. Changing the contents of a TEdit in the OnChange event is another common mistake.



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SchmoekelAuthor Commented:
Hi Mauro,

you're right! I've mixed application-help-calls on the form and on the button ;-)

Thanks a lot!
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