how can i link AS400 and PC together?

Is it any way how can i link pc and as400 computers togeter to backup database from the as400?
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TCP/IP : network protocol.
NFS -> AS400 / PC
You can share disk(s).
B) Something possible with Novell... No more informations ...

I'd use FTP, I'm not sure if there are any comercial backup packages that work via FTP but we've written a number of inhouse packages using standard Delphi4 components to link PC programs to data on the AS400 via FTP.
majorosjAuthor Commented:
Mike! could you send me more info on your program please or maybe the prog itself . I am really interested.
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Our program plan routes on a PC using route data that has been generated by a sales system sitting on an AS400 then puts the answers back onto the AS400 so the sales system can pick them up. The talking between the AS400 and PC is done using standard FTP. I don't think anything we've done is going to be of help to you but if you ask in the Delphi forum some one may have an answer. I'm sure there must be a backup system out there somwhere that uses FTP.
On the AS400 systems I've tested our software on the relevant AS400 drives where shared an accesable from windows. Under these surcomstances I can'y see why any Windows backup program wouldn't do it but I'm afraid I don't know how to set AS400 drives up to share in Windows.
You can (could??) get Netware for the AS400.  This would allow you to use the IBM as a Novell server and allow PC connections via the Netware system.

Have a browse around on - there should be info there.

Hope this helps

When you say you want to back up the database do you mean you want to backup your AS/400 database onto PC DASD? or your PC onto AS/400?

If the former, assuming your database is in a single Library AND you have sufficient AS/400 DASD AND you Have sufficient PC Hard Drive then you can do the following:-

On the AS/400 save the library to a save File (SAVLIB)then FTP the save File to your PC using standard FTP commands (remember to use the BINARY subcommand) You can set this up very easily using either direct commands or by using a DOS FTP script & Batch Program. (you can even use FTP to issue a remote command to the AS/400 to execute the save) You may be interested to know that EE now has an AS/400 section.

If the latter you can copy your PC drive to an AS/400 folder in the QDLS HFS system.

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