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Hi friends,
    I am trying to draw a transparent window so that when I drag it around the contents of the window below it are not obscured. As per documentation the WS_TRANSPARENT style renders a window transparent. But when it is moved around it carries the background of the window on which it was last placed i.e. it loses its transparency once it is created. So how do we make windows retain their transparency even after moving them around ?
One more problem is that I have created a generic CWnd object without the WS_TRANSPARENT style (infact I reoved it in precreatewindow). But the window still behaves the same way it behaved with WS_TRANSPARENT style. Can you give some clues ?
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What OS are you using?  What you want to do is most easily attained in Win 2000.

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ganeshokadeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answers. I am using Windows NT 4.0.
    Regarding using regions, I have seen the articles in codeguru. But this does not help because I am drawing non-closed pictures on my window (like for e.g. a "Cross" and so I cannot enclose a region with a cross). Maybe if you can tell me how to create non closed regions I will be able to do it. (Like how do I make a "line" as a region)

Regards Ganesh
you saw sources?
please look at region generator
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