Internet Explorer 5.0 - Evaluation

This is more of a "should-I?"  or  "shouldn't I?"  type of question.

I presently run IE 4.0 with its associated OE 4.0, and am thinking of upgrading to IE/OE 5.0.   I have heard some reports of major problems afer one upgrades to 5.0, and some people saying that they even upgraded to 5.0 and then elected to go back to 4.0 because of the problems.

What are some of the problems that people have encountered in 5.0, and are these a good enough reason for staying with 4.0?
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
My experience with IE is that each deliverable has had significant improvements for us, despite some of the glitches.  It truly pays to research some and decide what you want to do AND to KNOW WHAT OPERATING SYSTEM and VERSION you currently have.

I found IE 5.0 great, with some problems, found 5.01 better and 5.5 (BETA, which I'm running) even better.  BETA is unsupported.  I'll provide some links to help you evaluate further.


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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Since IE 5.0 was fix with many things in the 5.01 delivered via WindowsUpdate, will post this:
Description of Internet Explorer 5.01
Since you read some bad press about the IE 5.0 issue, I'll include an excerpt as to what all IE 5.01 fixed that existed in IE 5.0:

Issues Addressed in Internet Explorer 5.01
The Internet Explorer issues documented in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles are addressed in Internet Explorer 5.01:
Q238723 Internet Explorer Restriction "Always Prompt on Download"
Q233280 Event Keycode Does Not Return Proper Value for ARROW Keys
Q235674 Memory Leak in Function Call
Q235902 Internet Explorer 5 Can Leak 192 Bytes of Pool Memory When the Content Is Refreshed
Q236914 Navigate Call Causes Browser to Hang
Q237324 Tabbing Problem in Java Dialog Box
Q234012 Menu Bar Disappears After Using Internet Explorer for a While
Q229606 Remain Connected to Internet After Send or Receive
Q230372 Mapping Drive to Computer with Korean Name Causes GPF
Q222045 File Upload Problem Using NTLM Authentication
Q223177 Clicking Link Inappropriately Routes Through Proxy Server
Q232098 Internet Explorer Error Message When Viewing a Secure Web Site
Q193489 Internet Explorer Returns Error Message When Being Redirected
Q234266 High-Speed Push-Technology Program May Overwrite Internet Cache
Q235524 Secure FTP Through a Proxy Does Not Work Using NTLM
Q236178 Second Call to FtpOpenFile() Without Write Permission Hangs
Q236920 Connections No Longer Use LAN Automatic Configuration and Proxy
Q237198 C5 and E5 Korean Characters Displayed as Question Mark in Internet Explorer
Q240023 Error Message: "IEXPLORE.exe Exception: Access Violation (0xc0000005), Address 0x702be865" When Installing Multiple Packages from More Than One CAB File with an OSD File
Q241716 Internet Explorer 5 Included with Office 2000 Does Not Retain the Automatic Configuration Script Address
Q239750 "Text/Plain" Content-Type Header Field Is Ignored
Q232031 Problem with AutoConfig URL During Internet Explorer Setup
Q229940 How to Disable Internet Explorer Password Caching
Q232468 Cannot Hide Mail Toolbar Button for Non-Administrators
Q235302 Silent Minimal Internet Explorer Install with Custom Components
Q229708 Problem with DHTML Behaviors and Table Cell Alignment
Q229710 Cross Frame Security Patch Denies Access to Office Documents
Q230524 Date Formatting Problems in Internet Explorer 5
Q231339 Form Text Box Does Not Accept Double-Byte Characters
Q233528 Internet Explorer Linked Pages Are Being Cached in Frame Set
Q235239 Pressing BACKSPACE Key in Text Input Box When Web Page Is Inactive Causes Browser to Move Through Browser History
Q217196 Internet Explorer May Not Use Images Stored in Local Cache
Q234247 Web Page with "Pragma: No-Cache" Tag Stored in Cache Not Deleted
Q239101 Browse Button Does Not Work Specifying a Directory or Filename
Q189679 Error Message: Setup Was Unable to Install All the Components
Q224540 Err Msg: IE5WZD Caused an Exception C0010000H in Module...
Q232484 Internet Explorer Hangs When You Click a URL Link
Q236784 No Sound After Download Is Complete in Internet Explorer 5
Q224176 Cannot Spell Check Messages in Outlook Express 5
Q226326 Update Available For 'DHTML Edit' Security Issue
Q231452 Update Available for 'Legacy ActiveX Control' Issue
Q226325 Update Available for Unsafe ActiveX Controls
Q241361 Update Available for Vulnerabilities in ActiveX Controls Issue
Q243638 Update Available for 'IFRAME ExecCommand' Vulnerability
Q241362 Update Available for the ImportExportFavorites Issue
Q240308 Update Available for Scriptlet.Typelib/Eyedog Vulnerability
Q231450 Update Available for the 'Malformed Favorites Icon' Issue
Q244540 Update Available for 'Active Setup Control' Vulnerability
Q244357 Update Available for 'Javascript Redirect' Vulnerability
Q176420 BUG: InternetSetOption Does Not Set Timeout Values

I will agree with Asta, I thought IE5 was better then IE4 and IE 5.01 was even better (fixed some of the bugs in IE5) and Now I have IE 5.5 Beta which seems to work just fine.
Now I do have to honest here, I usally use Netscape 4.7 as my browser of choice but in order to know which is better then I do have to try each one. Plus the fact to enter or download from some Microsoft you need to use IE.
In all fairness I even have a working copy of Netscape 3.04 gold installed.
IE won't let you install two different working versions of IE or I would do that so as to evauluate each version and see what is best for a given situation.
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I agree with the rest. IE5.01 certainly is a very stable browser and I recommend it.
I also agree,IE5 is a definitly (and finally), an adequate browser!
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thank you.

Wanted to add one comment in regards to Rayt333's mention about the Beta IE version 5.5 which I also installed on one system.  Although at first, I'd agree it appeared more stable.  Then, however, when I needed WINDOWSUPDATE, and was locked out thought quickly I'd share what happened to me on my primary system after installing IE Beta 5.5:

1.  Noticed that activity I did within this beta version seems to have had improved execution time.

2.  Had recurring unexplainable and intermittent messages when closing one of three Browser windows that an internal error occurred within MSIE 5.5 and one of the Browser windows would be closed.  (Strange given that this resulted when I'd X out a session)

3.  This problem was in conjunction with ... Date 02/02/2000 Time 07:28
IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in
module SHLWAPI.DLL at 023f:70bd19f9.
EAX=02abfde0 CS=023f EIP=70bd19f9 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=02a2896c SS=0247 ESP=02f2edcc EBP=0051abd8
ECX=0051ac00 DS=0247 ESI=0051ab94 FS=5d0f
EDX=029e5050 ES=0247 EDI=70bd19e8 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 08 50 ff 51 08 c2 04 00 55 8b ec 83 7d 14 00
Stack dump:
70fc04bf 0051ac00 70bddc9f 0051ab94 02f2ee8c 0045d24c 70fc03c3 0045d238 70fa1c49 00000001 70bd19ff 0051ab98 710f40fc 0045d2c4 bff749d4 0045d238

4.  Did standard stuff, SFC, Scanreg/Fix, IE Repair Tool, etc. etc. only to have the problems continue.

5.  Tried WindowsUpdate but, of course, unsupported BETA CODE locked me out.  Had to uninstall.

6.  Uninstall resulted in IE version 4 (versus the prior that I had which was 5.01, before which it was 5.00).  True, of course, for IE and OE.

7.  Then WindowsUpdate OK, and I had to reinstall all the patches/fixes for IE 4, the 4.01 upgrade, the various service patches, etc.  

8.  Many reboots, SFCs, corrupted files along the way, but now finally back at IE 5.01.

The adventures of upgrades.

Best wishes all,

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