Clean install Win98SE Upgrade version

As I know that Win95 upgrade version can be clean installed. How can I do it on Win98SE upgrade version? Thanks.
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joedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have formatted your hard drive you eillneed a boot disk that has cdrom support and a previous version of windows. Boot the PC from the floppy and run setup from the win98 cd. It will ask if you have a previous version of windows. Just instert the disks it asks for and you should be ok. When I did it from win3.1 it asked for the fisrt 4 disks. If you don't have a boot disk try this site
That can be done with the upgrade Cd if it is a retail version. If it is the 20 dollar version from Microsoft it won't work. If it is a retail upgrade version, ignore me and Joed has given you your answer ...LOL...
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