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Linux Canon BJC-5100 printer driver?

Am running Redhat Linux 6.1
Have Canon BJC-5100 printer.
Printer is detected by printtool.
But no BJC-5100 driver available from
  Canon or Redhat.
Test page: ASCII directly to printer--
  no response using various other
  Redhat Canon drivers.
Anybody solve this one?

1 Solution
YOu might need to use ghostscript. Do a "man gs".

You will use a ghost script command to print a postscript file for example

gs @bjc610b4.upp -sOutputFile="|lpr" yourfile.ps -c quit

This assumes that lpr is your printer and you have already
started the daemon with the lpd command.

this command would work if you had a BJC-610 printer, I don't really know if there is a ghostscript driver for the 5100, you may need to do some hunting.

Once you have the command working from the command line you can write a shell script and say name it gsbj5100.

the command in the script must look like
gs @bjc610b4.upp -sOutputFile="|lpr" - -c quit

and then instead of giving your printer name in applications such as netscape, put in gsbj5100.  This will cause netscape to send it's printed output which is in postscript format to the gs program which will in turn convert it to something your printer can understand and then send it on to your printer.

If you don't accept my answer, I will understand since I didn't really find you a 5100 driver. :-)

Oh, my ghostscript drivers are in
/usr/shr/ghostscript/5.50 on my machine, your mileage may vary.

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