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Posted on 2000-01-31
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Last Modified: 2010-05-02
Anybody come accross this before?

I'm building a string like this:

Dim strUpdate

strUpdate = "update MY_TABLE " & _
              "set " & _
              "COL1 = " & strExportData(4) & ", " & _
              "COL2 = " & strExportData(5) & ", " & _
              "COL3 = " & strExportData(6) & ", " & _
              "COL4 = " & strExportData(7) & ", " & _
              "COL5 = " & strExportData(8) & ", "
  strUpdate = strUpdate & _
              "COL6 = " & strExportData(9) & ", " & _
              "COL7 = " & strExportData(10) & ", " & _

and so on. (There are 230 columns in total.)

My problem is that once the string gets 255 characters in it, it stops growing.

Grateful for any help!

Question by:doghund

Expert Comment

ID: 2471842
From the MSDN help files:

String Data Type

There are two kinds of strings: variable-length and fixed-length strings.

A variable-length string can contain up to approximately 2 billion (2^31) characters.

A fixed-length string can contain 1 to approximately 64K (2^16) characters.
Note   APublic fixed-length string can't be used in aclass module.

The codes forString characters range from 0–255. The first 128 characters (0–127) of the character set correspond to the letters and symbols on a standard U.S. keyboard. These first 128 characters are the same as those defined by theASCII character set. The second 128 characters (128–255) represent special characters, such as letters in international alphabets, accents, currency symbols, and fractions. Thetype-declaration character for String is the dollar sign ($).

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ID: 2472322
It may be that your database engine does not support SQL statements which are more than 255 characters.  If this is an Access db than that is definitely the case.  Because Dr.Delphi is right string data-types do hold more characters but using this size of a string is your problem, I would guarantee it.

You might just have to look at making two or three different statements and then executing them.

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ID: 2472362
When i saw your question i thought it was because of the strUpdate declaration but i tried to remake the problem and wrote the following code:

Dim a
Dim s As String
Dim i As Integer

a = ""
For i = 0 To 2000
  a = a & i Mod 10
  s = s & i Mod 10

Debug.Print "a = " & Chr(34) & a & Chr(34)
Debug.Print "len(a) = " & Len(a)
Debug.Print "s = " & Chr(34) & s & Chr(34)
Debug.Print "len(s) = " & Len(s)

In both cases the variable didn't stop to grow.
i sugest you to execute this code on your machine and watch what hapens, then tell me if the len of 'a' and 's' isn't 2001

but i still think the problem is on declaration
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 2477488
Are you displaying the screen in some way that limits what you see, or is a control character getting in there.  Check out the len(strupdate)
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ID: 2477836
Your problem is that you didn't declare the variable a STRING, but a variant.
Declare it as string !

Dim strUpdate as String

Author Comment

ID: 2478020
The problem was pretty dumb. When I ran the SQL string there was an error. So I debugged to see what was written in the string using 'Add Watch'.
This shows only the first 255 chars of the string.
Using the Imediate window and writing
'?strUpdate' I got the entire string and when I ran the sql string direct in the DB I found that the problem was a constraint which had been broken.
I honestly thought that I had found a bug in VB. Sorry about that, and thanks for your help.


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