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When I save the finished page for publishing, the graphics disappear. It isn't just Scanned or nabbed from web graphics. It includes graphics placed from the FrontPage clipart as well. My system has always had bugs, (IBM "options"*LOL), but this seems to be FrontPage related as TopPage doesn't give me this grief. I have been placing the objects first and assigning links after, saving between both, and it tries to overwrite each save. Is THAT the problem? Or, do I just have a "MS feature" and need to buy FrontPage 98/2k? I'm trying to save some cash, as you can understand. This software came with, so I guess the purchase might be justifiable. Thanks for your help!
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To my understanding, when you save your Web Page in FrontPage and try to view it in 'Normal' or 'Preview' mode, you are unable to see the graphics.  I believe I have experienced the problem you are having with FrontPage98 before, but when you publish you web page you should not have any problems with the graphics.
If it really bothers you, you try:
1) Restart your computer.
2) Re-locate your images.
3) Refresh your FrontPage while in 'Normal' and 'Preview' mode.

(By the way, I have listed so many "Re" s :)
I hope this helps.


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Check the "Picture Source" field in Picture Properties (right click on graphic).

Quite often FP will put the address/path of the file as it was on your disk drive. The graphic will not be at this address/path when its published so does not know where to find it on the server.

Use either the file name (if its in the same directory on the server) or the complete URL to the file.
shesherreAuthor Commented:
I had wondered why the clipar from FP was disappearing also, must be from the Win DIR. Thank you
shesherreAuthor Commented:
BTW, you are a great person to provide information to people like me. :)
HocamCommented: problem. Thank you...
But still I would strongly recommend FrontPage2000, I do not know if you know what new features it has, but I loved the spell checking feature and the way it organizes your files.

Maybe you can wait 'till Windows2000 comes out, your FP98 might run better who knows.

Anyway, I have been working with FP for over 2 years, you can let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck,
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