Compaq Proliant Server, SS9cpqssd sco OPEN server

The script /etc/rc2.d/S99cpqssd is not finishing in 120 seconds on boot up. Anyone know how to fix this??


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Can you show content of that script? It does not default script for Solaris!!!..

kellyjjAuthor Commented:
Actually the script is SCO.  
cpqssd=Compaq ssd? I don't know, but I'd guess it's something Compaq-specific, possibly trying to access some hardware that's been removed, running slowly [in which case you may need to decrease the timeout], or maybe you have upgraded your O/S and the script doesn't work on the new version.

If you don't get a startup log showing where this script errored, you could try executing it manually and/or step through the script to see what program it hangs on. Check if the program is still running from the last boot - it may still be hung. The script may contain also some documentation on what it does.

You could also see if the dodgy program has a man page or any diagnostic options.

Hope this helps - if not, post the script & Kawin will be able to tell you exactly what's going on :) It would also be useful to know if you made any changes to your system before this problem appeared.

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kellyjjAuthor Commented:
I know where in the script it is erroring. I am thinking like you that this is some compaq specific thing.  This is a new system, fresh install of the OS.   I have commented out the line that was hanging the script up and everything seems to be fine.

One Thing I did forget to mention.... This problem didn't occur until we install some digi boards.

digi as in DEC as in now owned by Compaq? What type of boards & did you have to install any drivers for them?(The install script could have sneaked in a startup script to monitor the hardware, which might explain the name cpq...). The more worrying alternative is that the new boards may have stopped something else working.

IMHO, Compaq supply lots of utilities for managing their hardware, but it's not always very well written or documented. However, unless you are sure of what this program does, I would be concerned about just commenting it out, as it may be doing something useful like hardware error monitoring. Did you investigate the program itself any further?

Sorry about the slightly patronising tone of my previous comments - I wasn't sure how good you were :) Looking at your EE history, you could probably debug it yourself!
kellyjjAuthor Commented:
Compaq does supply a lot of stuff. MOst of it useless, IMHO.  However Since I can't find anything documenting or even acknowledging the existence of the program I am kinda left in No man land.

Funny thing is that leaving it in or taking it out has effected anythign one way or the other.  ( Damn Compaq!!!!  )

What I plan on doing is to keep the server in house until this weekend, and see if I can break it.

Outside of that I am not sure.  

Don't worry about the tone....  I proboly would done the same.
Two things -

Try reinstalling the latest SSD from Compaq (on Smart Start CD) via the software manager in scoadmin

But first...

Look through the script for commands that you can type at the command prompt.  Try typing them and see if they return you to a command prompt.  If you find one seems to hang, put an ampersand after it in the script.  That will allow the script to process normally while allowing that particular script item to complete under it's own process ID.

Good Luck.

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Sorry, I meant reinstall Compaq SCO EFS...

Also found this link on SCO's site...

It describes an S99apcssd which is installed by American Power Conversion's PowerChute.
Hmm. klover's comment was more informative than his/her proposed answer!

If the script is to do with a UPS, e.g. monitoring for power failure so it can shut the system down cleanly, you may regret having disabled it one day.  Possibly adding the new boards in changed the port the program is using to communicate with the hardware and it needs reinstalling/reconfiguring.

While you have the system in house, you could always test switching the mains power off to see what happens >;->

kellyjjAuthor Commented:
tfewtster and everyone else,  thanks for you help.  Hopefully I will figure out what is up whit this.

Hopefully someday in the future compaq will actually update their docs to include all the crude they give out.
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