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I read an article recently stating, putting the swap file on the fastest drive and not to convert to FAT 32, because it is more efficient with the larger clusters. Any validity with this. thanks
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Paldi, the statement of putting the swapfile on the fastest drive in a system that has multiple hard drives is valid, but this also presumes that you are using an older system somewhere in the neighborhood of a P200 or less. On the newwer PII and PIII system, you would barely notice the difference speed wise. What you may notice is increased performance based on a hard drive that is nearly full with the swapfile on another drive.

As for Fat16 as opposed to Fat32 in this scenario, this dates back to the days of Windows 95 and really doesn't have any application under windows 98.

There are a wide number of supposed techno-people who will tell you that using Fat16, putting the swapfile on another drive and confining the swapfile to 1 times to 2 1/2 times the amount of ram will give you all sorts of performance increases, but 99% of these people never ran these tests themselves or in a real world environment.

If you really want you system to run properly and efficiently, scandisk and defrag often, get rid of old stuff that you don't need, especially in your startup folder and empty your system of temp files, history etc.


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PaldiAuthor Commented:
Sounds good thanks Dennis.
Anytime my friend!
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