a few general Linux configuration and tools questions

what is the minimum hard drive space for running Linux as a server?  is a P-90 with 840MB HD enough?  i only intend to run it for testing purposes, <10 connections at once.  

is Apache the standard server software or is there something better?  also, which Java VM (for Linux) is the most stable?  any recommendations on a good small footprint database?

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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, I think you could fit a stripped down server on 840 meg. I doubt you'd have enough room for an X server and clients, but you don't need those just to run an Apache server and it's going to be your best bet in a non-commercial web server. It would be good, even for only a few clients to have a fair bit of memory, say 128Mb, especially if you also intend to run a database.

You may not be aware, but there is now an "official Sun" Java 1.2 JDK & JRE for Linux. Either that or the IBM 1.1.8 version would be my choice.

As to a database, I'm rather partial to postgres, but Msql and Mysql are also quite popular. Any of them should prove satisfactory.
840MB is more than enough for your purpose. I'd say it is possible to squeeze everything you need into 400-500MB (even X, if you need it).

Java: Besides the other ones mentioned, kaffe is supposed to work fine. I don't have any personal experience with it, though.

Apache is the standard, more than half of the Internet runs on it.
glow060197Author Commented:
what distribution do you think i should try?  i have a "Red Hat" that came with an introductory book, and it claims that I need 1600MB for a server configuration, not even using Apache (I don't think...) or a DB...

I can let the DB go for now, until I get a better machine but I need Apache (or something) to serve Web pages still, right?  Or is there a basic server built in?
RH 6.1 is fine, you don't want a "Server Install", that's going to get too much for your purposes. What you want is basically a workstation install with out any of the X support and without most of the apps but with a few other things, like wu-ftp, apache, php, and a DB. Unfortunately, that's not one of the standard options, so you'll need to do a "Custom" install and pick and choose. It may take a few tries to get it right, but it can be done (and you'll probably learn quite a bit in the process).
glow060197Author Commented:
thanks a lot.  i guess it's time to try it.
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