Office 98 NO BUENO! Visual Basic Lockup

I have Office 98 installed on a G3/266, OS 9, tons of ram, everything else works great. When I launch Office, it locks up when it gets to the visual basic part of of the launch. Anyone know how I can fix this?
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I know it sounds obvious but have u reinstalled?
olliefeldeAuthor Commented:
Yes, I've done everything to trougbleshoot. I trashed every Microsoft preference I could find, I re-installed, I installed all the updaters (one at a time, of course), to no effect. It always locks up during the launch, at the point Visual Basic is being configured.
Have you used the installer to uninstall before re-installing?
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Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I have seen this before but do not recall the conflict, but removing an extension or Control Panel solved it. So, I would suggest a copy of Conflic Catcher. Start a normal conflict, and at each entry into the Finder, Launch Office and see if it hangs. This should allow you to see which Extension or CDEV may be causing the problem.

Sorry, it takes a long time, but should solve the problem.
orrubin has the right idea.  Personally though I just use the Extension Manager in the Control Panels.  I turn off everything and would install just the things needed for Microsft Office.  See if it runs.  If it does then start putting Control Panels in five at a time till it crashes again.  This at least will narrow it down quicker then doing them one at a time.  It is time consuming and a pain but sometimes it just has to be done.

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olliefeldeAuthor Commented:
I tried using the installer to uninstall. However, in typical Microsoft fashion, it left remnants. When I reinstalled and launched, there was no registration info in the splash screen. But it still tried to launch. So, obviously some little component was still there, right? I then tried tossing the office components with extension manager, then reinstalled. Then it occurred to me to do just what cdeagle has suggested. I got the message about his posting a half-hour after doing it. This was the right solution though.

I dropped the startup set to the bare minimum, installed office, deleted older, duplicate extensions, and restarted. Then, I used the Combined updater for 98, the OS 9 updater and the memo wizard updater. It seems to work allright now, at least as well as office ever does.

The bottom line is that visual basic will now load. Thanks for the help!
olliefelde -
I am glad that you were able to get Visual Basic working.  I know it is a real pain to find conflicting extensions.  I have to do it more often that not.  Congratulations!!! and thank you.
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