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How do I create new tables in the SQL Explorer in Delphi 2.0?
I've searched through numerous books and gone through every item in the help menu - Please help ASAP.
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? in sql-explorer or in delphi 2 ?
there is no way to create table in sql explorer except by writing SQL like this:

CREATE TABLE "employee.db"
  last_name CHAR(20),
  first_name CHAR(15),
  salary NUMERIC(10,2),
  dept_no SMALLINT,
  PRIMARY KEY (last_name, first_name)

see localsql.hlp for more details about CREATE TABLE.
if you don't want to write SQL, use Database Desktop. There you can easy create tables.


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traceysmallAuthor Commented:
On the menu bar in Delphi 2.0 there is a 'Database' submenu - within this submenu there is an 'Explore' option, which opens the 'SQL Explorer' - This is what I am referring to...
Hi Tracey

Like 333 says there is no easy way to create tables in SQL Explorer other than using SQL statements, use Database Desktop.

If you want I can mail you a copy of a program to create database tables easily using a more graphical approach. It can be used to create tables for several types of database: paradox, dbase, oracle, access etc...

I can mail you a copy if you leave your email address. The file is 1.1MB, can your email cope with this size attachment?


traceysmallAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys.
Aubs, if you could, please mail me a copy of that program at
I appreciate all the help I can get
Thanks again.
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